Make Your Own Candles

Make Your Own Candles, You have decided that you want to make your own candles. I think that is wonderful! Here is what you are going to need to get started in the candle making craft:

Melting Pot – This is the name given to the vessel in which you melt your wax.

There are several options for this. One option is to get an electric all-purpose cooker that has can maintain a constant temperature (not a deep-fryer). If you don’t go this route, then you want to use a double boiler to melt your wax. If you don’t already have a double boiler that you are willing to convert into a melting pot, then you can purchase one specifically for making candles, or you could create your own double boiler. One requirement of the melting pot is that it has a lid.

If you decide to melt wax in a pot that you already have, then you should be willing to transfer it permanently from being used for food to being used for wax. You wouldn’t want to unintentionally get dye or scent oil into your food. So, keep this pot separately from your others. If you decide to purchase a double boiler or an electric pot, then plan on using it strictly with wax.

If you already have a piece of old cookware that you’d like to use as your melting pot, then you can easily construct a double boiler for it. You will need a pot that is larger than the one you are going to use for wax melting. You need to put something inside that container that will keep the bottom of the wax melting pot about an inch above the bottom of the larger pot. Canning jar lids work great for this. You could also use an old metal cookie cutter, other metal jar lids, a small measuring cup – even some silverware at the bottom of the pot would work.

What you are aiming for is to keep the bottom of the melting pot surrounded by water. You don’t want it to be in contact directly with the heat source. Doing this gives you more control over the temperature. Since water boils at 212 F (100 C), as long as there is water in the larger vessel, then that is the highest temperature that the wax will reach.

If you melt the wax directly on a heat source, then it will absorb then it will keep getting hotter and hotter. The problem with this is that the wax doesn’t bubble like water does. (Have you ever seen the hot wax pool around a lit candle bubble?) Once the wax has melted, there are no other visible signs indicating the wax temperature – until it gets hot enough to catch on fire.

Think about this. You know that when water boils, it changes from liquid to gas, and the water vapor is called steam. Wax will also transform from liquid to gas. Just as steam rises and spreads out in your kitchen, the wax vapor would do the same. That is, until some of the vapor came in contact with the heating element or gas flame. Then…whoosh all the vapor would ignite. And then things could get worse from there…

That is why it is essential to have a lid for the melting pot. If the wax inside the pot does catch on fire, you will quickly be able to extinguish the flames by covering the pot.

Finally, a note about using a double boiler: Remember to keep an eye on the water level. You will need to keep it from running dry.

I have explained this in great detail because I think that it is important that you understand why you need to do everything you can to control the wax temperature while you are melting wax to make candles.

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Article Source: Mary Martha Deane